Supper and a Scare

My aunt and uncle are visiting from Canmore, Alberta and my mother is going to be taking us out for an extra special supper tonight. The occasion is to celebrate all our respective birthdays in one big bang. Now, I know what you're thinking: "But Greg, your birthday isn't till July!" Well, you're right, I won't be a quarter-of-a-century-old for two more months. However, my mom had promised to take me out to a nice restaurant for my last birthday but we just simply never got around to going out so this will be a belated supper celebration for myself as well. We'll be going to La Chronique. Mmm-mmm.

On a completely different note, after supper I'm planning on watching Hostel with Ryan. I'm not expecting Oscar-grade material but it's been a ritual for us to see any of the new horror flicks that come out and we were never able to see Hostel when it came out in theatres. Hostel has gotten a lot of press for being extra gory and disturbing so maybe it's a good thing I'm seeing it after supper and not before. In reality though, I'd much rather see Slither
which has much better reviews in general (I mean come on, Nathan Fillion of Firefly fame is in it!) but for some strange reason, Slither disappeared from theatres way too quickly. Here's to hoping it gets released on DVD soon.

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