Happy Victoria Day!

I seem to have brought some Nova Scotia sunshine from the maritimes - well, at least a brief reprieve from the rain Quebec's been having. While I was in Yarmouth I did some pretty succesful shopping:

Picked up a Zizon Trimmer that comes with a scoring blade and also a long-arm stapler while I was in Maryn's store. It'll be so much easier to make chapbooks now - I made two test ones last night in almost no time at all. No more imperfect creases, misplaced staples, and jagged paper lines for me!

I also went to the cramped but charming Lam's Used Bookstore and nabbed some great finds: The Shipping News by Annie Proulx, Down There by the Train by Kate Sterns, and Griffin & Sabbine by Nick Bantock. All for approximately $5 each.

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