Good evening everyone and it seems like I'm going to have another fun literary weekend. I think it's official: I'm a flaming bibliophile. As Maryn's brother, Dan says, I "get my jollies off of books".

Tonight I went to see Centaur's production of Ted Hughes' Tales from Ovid and after reading an abysmal review in the Montreal Gazette, I was pleasantly surprised and entertained. The production value was impressive, there was a good mix of traditional representations of Ovid's stories and also some very odd yet clever interpretations, eg: Narcissus as a Latin rock star; dancing, masturbating pirates; and a phallusly (is that a word?) impressive Bacchus. Overall, a very enjoyable show.

This weekend I'm looking forward to some lectures by Alberto Manguel and George Elliott Clarke for the Blue Metropolis Festival. By the time Sunday rolls along, I will no longer be content with watching from the sidelines so I'll be performing at the Old Dublin Pub for Euphoricon: an evening of poetry. So if you're in the neighborhood, check it out!

an evening of poetry


Nata Belza
David Bradford
Caitlin Brubacher
Michelle Dabrowski
Georgina Huyhn
Megan Irving
JindaLee Lehmann
Nick McArthur
Stephanie McBride-Durrell
Heather McClean
Dahlal Mohr-Elzeki
Daniel Sadowski
Greg Santos
Mary Shorten
Gillian Sze
St├ęphanie Viel

and, your host, David McGimpsey

Sunday, April 3rd,
7:30 pm
The Old
Dublin Pub (Upstairs)
1219-A University St
(514) 861-4448

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