Good afternoon. I hope everyone has been having a productive weekend. I had a fun time on Friday with Josh, Ryan, and a couple of my classmates from my poetry class: Michelle and JindaLee. We went to La Bifteque for some beer, stopped to have some delicious yet inexpensive pizza, and then gave the girls their first view of the lookout of Montreal on Mount Royal.

Yesterday Josh and I rented "Amores Perros" which one of his co-workers recommended. Now, apparently she said it was a "beautiful movie about three women and their dogs". After we started the film, yes there were dogs in it but I wouldn't go about describing the movie as "beautiful". Perhaps gritty, powerful, and violent - yes... but beautiful, no. It was too disturbing (lots of dog fighting, so it wasn't very pleasant). So we stopped it and ended up watching a much lighter movie: "Labyrinth", starring a young Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie in tights. Now that's entertainment.

Today I had a delicious homecooked lunch at my grandparents place and then I went to get my accreditation for rock climbing. So for those of you wondering, I did pass the test and now I am officially able to go rock climbing on my own. Yay me!

Well that's all for now. Maryn's on Skype. God bless free long distance calling.

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