I finally got my laptop internet connection working again. You probably had no idea that I was having problems but for the past week or so I've been unable to connect due to a domain name problem. I was tinkering around with the computer and I seem to have everything under control again. Well... for now.

Changing the subject, I've finished my second week of school and I'm starting to get used to my classes and I'm meeting lots of interesting people. I'm enjoying my Creative Writing courses due to their small size, the professors are fun, and because I'm getting to interact with other young writers. Although I still have to get used to all the critiques and I'm sure the rest of the class does too. It's tough having people tell you that your story doesn't work or that a certain idea doesn't make sense. I know there are going to be times when I'll want to scream, "you just don't understand!" But I know it's necessary to get feedback so that my writing can improve.

Looks like I'm in store for a busy weekend. Tomorrow Josh and Ryan are holding a BBQ on Mount Royal to welcome the beginning of the semester/fall. There'll be food, fun, and everything in between. Sunday I'm going to go rock-climbing with Josh (we're going to get the certification, mark my words!) and then Maryn's going to be flying into Montreal on Monday. Hurray!

Well T.T.F.N.
(ta-ta for now... wooo-hooooo-hooo hooooo! The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is that I'm the only one...)

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