What a fun weekend it's been. On Friday I went to see "Evil Dead 1&2: The Musical" with Ryan and it had more laughs and chills than a barrel full of Candarian demons. Ryan won tickets for the show and we were able to score some really good seats. I'm a huge fan of the Evil Dead Trilogy and when I heard they had actually turned the cult classic films into a musical for the Just For Laughs Festival, I was in campy horror heaven. It's not necessarily scary - although there is alot of blood but the show is great if you want to have a good laugh. So for those of you who would like to see something different then I really recommend this show - but beware if you're sitting in on of the front seats, you will get blood on you. MWAHAHAHAHAHA... Join us...

Today Josh and I brainstormed on a screenplay we're working on and then we went out for supper with Ryan to The Curry House for some Indian Cuisine. Later on in the evening we grabbed some guitars and jammed a little. Fun was had by all.

Anyway, it's time to go to bed folks. It's getting late. Goodnight.

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