Good morning. It's another rainy day here in Montreal and it's too wet to stain the back porch so I'm going to be doing some work inside the house. I'm starting to become a regular handyman :)

I'm just browsing on rottentomatoes.com and apparently Spider-Man 2 has been called the "Best-Reviewed Wide-Release Film of 2004". I've never heard of an action/superhero movie getting that kind of attention before. Now I really want to see it.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Before Sunset which is the unlikely sequel to Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise. I saw the first movie a short while ago with Josh (after not seeing it for many years) and I was surprised at how great and simple it was. There isn't much of a plot (Jesse meets Celine on a train and they have 24 hours to spend time with one another in Vienna) but the great characters and the sharp writing make the film stand out. So now Jesse and Celine meet again nine years later and I can't wait to see what happens.

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