Sackville, here I come...

Good evening. This will be the last post I write for a while since tomorrow I am heading out with my family and we're driving to Mount Allison for my Convocation. My mom, grandparents, aunt and uncle, and I are taking off tomorrow morning. This'll be the next big step in my life and I'm looking foreword to the challenges that lie ahead. I just can't believe I'm graduating, it seems like it was yesterday when I first arrived on campus. I've gained lots of friends over the last few years, lost a few, went through some tough times, grown up a lot... wow, now I'm starting to get sappy :) Let's just say I'm very happy to be getting that diploma.

After Convocation Maryn and I are going on a trip around the Maritimes and I should be arriving back to Montreal on May 26th. So until next time, take care everyone!

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