"Fire": Daniel Lanois

Maryn and I were able to go to the Easter service on Sunday but we weren't able to have a nice Easter supper. Easter isn't the same without a nice meal with friends and family to celebrate with so we've decided to go tonight. We thought it would be a good idea since we've both finished all our essays and our next exams are a few days away. I've made reservations to go to Joey's at six and I'm looking forward to some non-meal hall food.

Maryn gave me a book for Easter called "With Borges" by Alberto Manguel and I was able to finish it today. It's a wonderful little read (it's only 99 pages long) and it's one of those books that makes me want to go lock myself in a library and devour as many books as possible. It's not really a novel but a series of vignettes recounting the author's time spent with one of my favourite writer's, Jorge Luis Borges. If you ever get to read any of his works, I would recommend the almost unclassifiable but ultimately magical, Ficciones.

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