"King of Bongo": Manu Chau
One show down. Three more to go. Tonight's run of "Escape From Happiness" went really well. I think so far out of all of my runs, it was my very best. This can only mean that it will continue to get better and better. There were some little moments that I found awkard but overall I think it went really well. Before the show I met up with Maryn and her parents and we went out to dinner to The Marshlands Inn. It was a nice way to start the evening. It was nice to talk to both of them. I've talked to Maryn's mom before a number of times but I haven't talked to her father that often so it was nice to get to talk to both of them. I'm also really glad that all of them were able to come see the show tonight. My mother is coming on Saturday and I'm really looking forward to seeing her too. All these visits! I'm so spoiled :)

On an entirely different note, I was very happy to hear that Elizabeth Smart, the young girl from Utah who was abducted from her home was found today after nine months of being reported missing. That is great news for families everywhere who have had their children taken from them. This gives them hope that maybe their son or daughter will be able to return home safe and sound. I'm mentioning this because nine months ago when this happened, I wrote a small article on it and I hoped that maybe Elizabeth would be able to be returned home someday and I'm really glad that this turned out to have a happy ending for the Smart family because it's not very often that cases like this end up the way this one did.
Have a good night everyone!

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