"My Sacrifice": Creed
Well it's still cold in Sackville. Man, that wind is a killer. We got more freezing rain last night but it wasn't too bad this morning when I went to class. I had a character analysis do hand in to my director for "Escape From Happiness" today and it was a really interesting exercise to do. The gist of it is that I I have about three pages of questions such as having to come up with objectives that my character is striving to reach in the play, and trying to invent a background and a history for him, etc. In the end the whole analysis ended up being around 15 pages and I felt it was really useful because it really helps to understand the character even more. I'm really looking forward to having this play and for those of you who do end up seeing it in March, I hope you enjoy it. I'm going to go do some reading and maybe some painting. Take care Moondoggy readers.

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