"Lady Venom": Swollen Members
So the weekend has come and gone. It's still cold and I have to get to work. Blah! I'm sorry I have to bore you with another of those "what I did" entries but I'm tired from rehearsals and from lack of sleep so this is all I'm capable of doing right now. So here goes nothing:

I had a great Valentines Day. Even though it was freaking freezing outside. I made reservations to go to The Marshland's Inn for supper with Maryn at six o clock. We were going to walk but decided against it and took a taxi. No one in their right mind would go outside for a walk in that weather, Anyways, the restaurant was really nicely decorated for the holiday and we ended up having a wonderful meal. If you're ever in Sackville and you come across Marshland's, I suggest you go for the "Love" salad for an appetizer. It was really different and really tickled my taste buds. It contained: spinach, steamed rice, cashews, mushrooms, and raisins. Man, wa it good. We took a taxi back home and relaxed for the rest of the night. Maryn's parents were really nice, they sent me a Valentines box with homemade fudge. MMmMMMMmmMmmm. Now that's something you don't get everyday. Simpsons enthusiasts will appreciate this one - Maryn got me a box of chocolates that said "ChooChoo Choose Me" and there's a picture of a train. Hahaha. An Edward Gorey book and a little photo album with some photographs of us inside it. It was a really great day and it was very special. I'm going to get gushy so bear with me. Thanks Maryn, if you're reading this for such a wonderful day. I love you!

Ok. I'm done with the gooeyness. For now. Saturday was kind of bitter sweet. I had rehearsal at 10:00 till like 2:00 and then when I got back to Harper, I found out that Maryn's penpal Jean from France passed away on Valentines Day from heart failure. I didn't know him very well but I knew that he meant a great deal to her. It's always sad when someone loses a loved one and it's never easy. He was an older man and he was sick but even when someone's very sick, and you think you're prepared for death. You never really are. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jean and and his friends and family.

On Saturday night we went to Windsor theatre to go see an evening of one-act plays. "Lear's Daughters" and "Picnic on the Battlefield". Our friend Jen was in "Picnic" so it was nice to see her act and it was nice to go out for a little bit of a distraction.

I had rehearsal today from 10:00 to 1:00 again and so I'm pretty pooped so I think I'll take a little nap before getting back to work. Ciao Moondoggy readers!

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