I spent most of the day studying today. I'm surprised that I was even able to go outside today after yesterdays huge snow storm. I went to McGill's library and boy is it huge. I had to go all the way to the 5th floor to get the book I wanted and there were still even more floors to go.

Yesterday Josh., Ryan, and I were able to get tickets to go see WWE's Pay-Per-View No Way Out at the Bell Centre. It was a really fun show and a pretty stong card. We got seats that were all the way in the gray section but we eventually made our way to the front and got some really good seats. We almost weren't able to sit there but we were sneaky. LOL

We were so close to the action that we sat behind Teddy Long and some of the other officials and when the Hogan vs Rock match occured Chris Kanyon and Rico came out to get a better view of the action. Star of the night was Stone Cold Steve Austin. The crowd was so loud when he came out it was just ridiculous. I think the fans really missed the guy. I have to admit I cheered really loudly when he came out too.

Anyways, I'm off to go relax some more. Have a good week everyone.

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