Happy New Year Moondoggy readers! I had a quiet New Years with my family. We had a nice supper- my mom made some really good food once again. Plans to go out didn't really follow through so I ended up renting some movies. Right now I'm watching "XXX" and I'm going to get right back to watching it but I thought I'd say hello and ring in the new year. IT'S 2003!!! A whole new year, and a whole new beginning. I was able to celebrate two new years actually. It was pretty cool. Since Nova Scotia is in a different time zone, I talked to Maryn at 11:00 my time and we counted down the year for her and then we did the same thing when it was time to do it for me. Even though we're far away, we're still able to spend New Years together. Don't you just love technology? Best wishes to all of you. Goodnight!

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