Merry Christmas
Hey Moondoggy readers. I hope everyone is having a great holiday season whether you're Catholic, Jewish, the list goes on...
I stumbled upon my comment board and received some interesting words from a certain "Echo Marks". Since this website is open for all to have their opinions shared I would like to respond to his comments. Echo wrote this message:

I think it's scary how people can have a love fest one minute, and be whipped into hating by some political or religious leader's rant the next. It seems that humanity's moral compass busted long ago, and in its place we have marketing CEOs, drunken novelists, and jealousy.

plus, i don't think jesus should be applaud for 'dying for our sins.' If he was a better teacher and role model, he would have stuck around and taught us more with his actions. Obviously his time on Earth wasn't enough, since Ghandi seems to have accomplished more in terms of world peace.

2000+ years later, and we're still a fighting mess of a race. So I implore you; was he truly such a remarkable teacher, or the world's most celebrated failure?

Echo Marks

First of all I think it's scary that in a world that is full of hate and intolerence, people who take the time and effort to make the world a better place are often seen as strange, and weird. People are so cynical and mistrusful of others that someone's good intentions are seen as bizarre behavior. I think that people need to take more time out of their lives to be friendly and happy rather than just being "nice" during the holiday season.

I would also like to respond to Echo's words by saying that I disagree with your comments that Jesus is perhaps the world's most celebrated failure. I understand that the church has made mistakes in the past and probably continues to do so right now - however so do many of the world's religions and intitutions.

Jesus didn't really have much of a choice when he was put up on the cross and dying. He probably could have served the world better if he stayed alive however I don't think he would have made the same impact. What happened after his death is the result of people using his name, and teachings wrongly. It was wrong to kill in the name of Jesus because he did not believe in violence. Let's get one thing straight. He did not ask for an institution to be made in his name. That happened afterwards. People get his message mixed up sometimes and that is unfortunate. The race issue cannot be solely put on Jeus' shoulders because right now there are so many religions battling it out that it's just plain ridiculous. It's silly to say but why can't we just get along? If he were around right now he would shake his head at everything that is going on and that religion should not be used to hate or to discriminate but to help people to care about one another. Anyways, that's just my opinion. Peace out!

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