"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas": Johnny Mathis
What a beautiful day. The sun is casting wonderful shadows on the ground and it's nice and brisk outside. After my first exam Maryn and I went to "La Pallida" the little Italian restaurant in town. I had never been there but I'm glad we went because a delicious meal. For starters I had a tomato bread soup - which really hit the spot since it was a little chilly outside and then for the main course I had an exquisite foccacia Greek pizza complete with Kalmata olives, red onions, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes... mmmmmmmmmmm. I was transported back in time, back to Greece and back to Italy. Man I ate absolutely everything. This was a nice way to celebrate finishing my first final.

After lunch we waddled over to the little second hand book store next door and we read poems out loud and I ended up buying two books. So far the day is going really well. I hope everyone has a good weekend and to all you students reading this site, GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR EXAMS!!!

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