"Signal to Noise": Peter Gabriel
I hope everyone's having a great weekend. I'm taking a break from doing some work before going into Windsor theatre to do some painting on the set. I was outside this afternoon with Maryn running some errands and brrrrrrrrrr - it's cold outside. I'm so happy I'm indoors in a heated room right now. I may complain that it gets too hot sometimes in here but man, right now I am very thankful. I had a pretty good weekend. Friday, Maryn and I had a quite evening watching "Toy Story 2" and Saturday we watched a new movie called "13 Stories About the Same Thing". It was really cool, and it was a great ensemble piece with a very though provoking storyline. It pretty much dealt with people and how fate and happiness touches their lives and how they deal with it. I recommend it for anyone who's interested in seeing something different.

My friend Danielle who lived on fourth floor last year but since graduated came to visit yesterday and we ended up going to the pub with a bunch of her friends to reminisce and it was really nice since we hadn't seen each other since April. I hadn't been to the pub either pretty much since last year so it was interesting to say the least. Afterwards we went to Jack's Pizza to have... well pizza and afterwards I had a wonderful sleep.

Today so far has been going really well. I went to the music conservatory with Maryn after brunch and we played piano. That was lots of fun. I think I'm going to have to do that more often since I'm a bit rusty and I don't want to lose my piano playing abilities. We then went to the library to pick up some books and hopefully I grow inspired to either do some artwork or some writing when I get back from painting this afternoon.

I've also scanned some new photo's and when I have them up on my other website, I'll let everyone know. Ciao!

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