"Red Red Wine": UB40
Hello everyone, I hope we've all had a wonderful weekend. It's been really relaxing and boy have I been enjoying it. On Saturday I did... well I did nothing. However since I've been busy with work, and my play, it's finally time for me to sit back and do nothing. I got took out some books from the library - a Dali book, and some Samuel Beckett writings and I've been able to do two paintings. I ended up watching "Men With Brooms" on DVD with Craig and yes, it's a great little Canadian movie. I recommend it and yes I know it's about curling but I thought it was a fun little flick and I know nothing about curling. Let's just say it's a Canadian version of "The Big Lebowski" with the sport being curling rather than bowling.

Sunday was fun as well. I had lunch with Maryn, her mother, her brother Daniel, and his friend at Patterson's Family Restaurant. Mmmmmm best fries in Sackville. Maryn and I gave her mom a little tour of Sackville and we took a walk in the Waterfowl Park. It was another movie watching evening and we saw "Big Trouble" starring Tim Allen, and then went for some good ole nostalgia by watching "Walt Disney's: A Christmas Carol". I think it's one of my favourite adaptations of the Christmas Carol story.

I have no classes on Monday so HURRAY!!!!

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