"I Am The Walrus": Beatles
I've been going through a major Beatles phase. I just can't seem to get enough of their music. Now THEY were musicians!! It's sad to think that the only remaining Beatles are Paul Mcartney and Ringo Starr. Oh well... at least they are still alive right? The weather outside is quite gross and muggy looking however I'm glad to say that it is actually pretty warm. I've been going outside in just a sweater and boy does it feel great. I wish the world could be covered in snow without it being too cold. I just love looking at the world covered in a blanket of snow. Everything looks so beautiful. I still remember back when we had the ice storm in Montreal and there was ice everywhere. Iciles hanging from trees, houses, absolutely everything. It was dangerous however it was aesthetically beautiful. When the sun reflected off the ice, it was as if we were living in a dream world. The light bounced off the ice and made everything sparkly and I felt like a kid again.

I think I'm going to go for a little walk to clear my mind. Sometimes the mind chatters too often and too loudly. It's always nice to just get away and be silent for a little while. Sometimes silence is more powerful than shouting.

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