"The One You Love": Paulina Rubio
It's raining outside and all logic says that I should be feeling miserable, and blue. However I feel completely the opposite. I'm beaming, I'm grinning from ear to ear like the cheshire cat from "Alice in Wonderland". I went to Windsor Theater to take a look at some of the furniture that I'm going to have to start painting with my paint crew and I check the callboard. I got cast in the role of Tom in next semester's production of "Escape from Happiness" directed by Hope Mcintyre. I have worked with Hope once before in my second year here at Mount Allison. She was the director for "The Canadian Brothers". It'll be fun to work with her again. I don't know the name of the author of the play but once I find out some more information and once I get a hold of a script, I'll post it here ASAP. Tom is very much like the Royal Tanenbaum character in "The Royal Tanenbaum's." He's the father of a very disfunctional family and one day he decided to burn his house down - with his family inside of it. Ten years later he decides to show up, pretending to be dying so that his family forgives him so that they can take him back. He should be another very interesting character to play. I'm so happy that I've been given the opportunity this year to flourish artistically as well as getting great dramatic roles. It's been such an exciting and unpredictable year.

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