"The Barry Williams Show": Peter Gabriel
Hi Moondoggy readers. I'm just taking a quick break from school work. I think breaks are neccesary, otherwise you'd have a very crazy Greg on your hands. Um... crazy more so. Tomorrow I only have one class since "Portrait of Dora" opens tonight and so my Production Drama class is cancelled. Hurray for sleeping in and/or working!

We've been doing Secret Santa for the past couple of days and it's supposed to end on Friday. What this is for those of you who don't know is everyone who is signed up for Secret Santa pulls a name out of a hat and then that means you are this person's "Secret Santa" where you deliver gifts and stuff to the person until Friday where you finally meet your gift um givee. Today I got a plastic candy cane with Smarties in it and a box of pencils which is great because I've been running out (HAHAHA). Anyways, have a great evening folks!

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