"White America": Eminem
Hey everyone, Moondoggy's Pad is up and running again. Blogger was doing some rebuilding so my site was down for a little bit. I've had an interesting week so it's nice that it's the weekend. I had a lot of work to so such as papers, mid-terms, assignments so when it was Thursday night, I was a happy man. I went to Ducky's a local pub afterwards with some of the cast members of "The Sniper" and we met up with Anne Rawley who who is visiting from Vancouver as part of the Graduate in Residence program. She graduated from Mount Allison in 1989 and has since gone onto become a set dresser for movies such as "Cats and Dogs", the currently unreleased "The Core" starring Hillary Swank and Stanley Tucci. She is currently working on "X-Men 2", the sequel to the wildly popular "X-Men". We were able to talk, and I got some background information on the industry as well as being able to hear some humourous anecdotes on various celebrities such as Ian McKellan (he played Gandolf in "Lord of the Rings" and Magneto in "X-Men"). It was a really cool experience.

Yesterday I only had one class, and no rehearsals so it was my relaxing day. Yay relaxing day!!! I will update later. See ya!

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