"Barcelona": Freddie Mercury
Man it's been another long day. I think if it were up to me, I'd make a day have 48 hours. That way you could get a whole lot more done in a day.
I was listening to "A Little Less Conversation" yesterday and it amazes me that even though Elvis Presley has been dead for quite a few years, he can still create a new number one hit. God bless JXL for remixing The King's song. Maybe all those conspiracy theorists are right and Elvis is really still alive. He's been hiding all this time, waiting to come out with a new song. Really makes you think, eh?

Not much to say. My play is going quite well and I can't believe that we open so soon. It's very exciting. Tiring, yet exciting :) Tomorrow or Saturday I'm going to take Maryn to Septemberfest at Windsor Theatre. Isn't that funny? Septemberfest in October. Maybe I'm the only one who finds that amusing. Septemberfest is a way for Windsor Theatre to start off the year with a bunch of short scenes,comedy acts, drama's, and songs. It introduces people to theatre and gets people all excited for it. It should be tons of fun in the sun. Well not neccesarily in the sun... you get my drift.


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