"Walk Alone": Jack Johnson
Woke up sick as a dog but luckily it did not last the whole day. Ended up watching "Chinatown" yesterday for my Reading Films lab and all in all, t'was an interesting piece of celluloid. I have never seen the film but I've always been interested in seeing it. Jack Nicholson does a good job as does Faye Dunawaye. The movie is not my favourite however the ending was very unexpeceted and that really cemented it as a piece of very important film history. My hats off to Roman Polanski for not churning out another feel good Hollywood cliche ending. I don't want to ruin the ending for anyone who has never seen the movie so I won't say what happens but let me just say that my mouth was wide open in shock.

So I've been getting back to the daily grind of school life and it sure feels weird after being in Europe for such a long time. It's weird how it still feels like yesterday and yet still feels so far away. I've remained in contact with quite a few of my friends from the trip and I'm grateful to have met so many wonderfulo people from all across Canada and from all around the world. What I love about technology right now is the global village we all seem to occupy. I can speak in real time with someone from Edmonton on MSN Messenger while at the same time having a conversation with someone from Australia. It's amazing how small the world has become over the past few years.

However I am scared as to how much we rely on technology nowadays. Telephones, e-mails, faxes, television, these are all things we take for granted but how many of us could actually go a few days without any of these luxuries?
Yes that is what they are, they are luxuries. We don't need them however in this day and age we have a tendancy to rely on them to do everything for us. This may sound hypocritical coming from someone who's typing away at a laptop using a high speed cable modem however I'm not saying I don't rely on technology either. I'm just as guilty and that's why I'm taking a step back to look at this objectively. We need to teach our kids that life is not all about video games, computers, and television. Go outside, ride a bike, read a book, take a walk - turn of your computer, turn of the tv and eat dinner with your family and enjoy the world we live in. On that note I think I'm going to go write a hand written letter.
Goodnight everyone

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