"Big Eyed Fish": The Dave Matthews Band
So I went to the activity fair yesterday and signed up for a few things such as START, the student run art gallery, as well as the Creative Writing Society. I'm going to try and get an exhibition up and running and I'm also going to be doing workshops with other writers to help improve my writing skills. It'll be good to have other people critiquing my work since I'm not used to it and I hear it builds character. Why is it that whenever you go through something unpleasant people say "Suck it up. It builds character." What if I don't want my charcter built???

The weather is still pretty crummy here in Sackville. It's wet, grey, cloudy, and just plain BLAH! I think that's the best word to describe this weather. It's BLAH!

I have an audition coming up this Thursday for Ionesco's "Le Tuer Sans Gages", should be an interesting piece. I have to come up with a two minute long monologue. Don't know what I'm going to pick but I guarantee you it's going to be good. Oh yes, it's going to be good. Oscar good. Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but I'm looking forward to getting into the grind of things.

This weekend should be fun as well with the Harper House party - "Harper Gets Leied" coming up on Saturday. Hawaiian flowers galore and lots of drunk people going around "Can I get a Leie?" Thus scaring all the Frosh. Good times, good times...

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