In memory of those who passed away on September 11th 2001

"The Day the Brothers Fell"

The day the brothers fell
a cloud flew up above.
Uncertainty was in the air.
Our Dreams were shattered then
the thunder struck them twice, and
glass came tumbling down
along with lives and our illusions
That we were safe and sound.
The people watched in horror,
The day the brothers fell.

Countless people lost their lives,
A proud nation had been terrorized.
The worse had yet to come.
The father’s son addressed the land,
he promised this was not the end
The worse was yet to come.
“If you’re not with us,
you’re against us”, he promised with a
Nations from around the world could only watch
and stare.

The days that followed scared us all,
Scared to move, scared to breathe
-Would others fall as well?
Unknown was the enemy
And scared we all were.
The war against nothing, for nothing and no one
made us scratch our heads.
The reasons were all faulty,
and new witches were blamed.
Invisible trials and burnings
Ensued – the people would be slaves

Gregory Santos

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