"Yellow": Coldplay
How good is Colplay? Very good people. I actually don't have any of their CD's but after I first heard their song "Yellow" a while ago I was hooked. I've downloaded some of their songs from their new CD such as "Politik" and "The Scientist" and I love their lyrics.Their lyrics, and melodies are simply haunting and beautiful. I'll probably buy their CD "A Rush of Blood to the Head" because they deserve to have money come to them. Another album I truly recommend is the new Dave Matthews Band album: "Busted Stuff". All in all a great album as a whole. My personal favourite songs on that album are "Big Eyed Fish", "Grace is Gone", and "Where Are You Going".

Sometimes I have all these ideas swimming around in my head that just want to burst out onto a page or onto a canvas but they can't seem to get out. Only a few escape and make it to the light of day. I hope that one day I can crack the code and release all my ideas into the world. It's a thought.

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