"King of the Bongos": Manu Chao
Ah I love this mix. I'm listening to a bunch of songs that I listened to all the time while I was away in Europe. There are some of the songs that we listened to day in and day out on our tour bus. Yeah, you'd assume that I'd be sick of these songs by now but they bring me good memories. I'm still missing a few songs but here is the list so far:
"Beautiful Day": U2
"Moi Lolita": Alizee
"King of the Bongos": Manu Chao
"By The Way": Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Barcelona": Freddie Mercury
"Hot in Here": Nelly
"Hey Baby": DJ Otzi
"Where's Your Head At": Basement Jaxx
"Every Fucking City": Paul Kelly
"The Gambler": Kenny Rogers
"Asereje": Las Kepchup
"My Happiness": Powderfinger

Yesterday I went to La Boom with Ryan, Jodie, Josh and my cousing Luca. Luca got some VIP passes to the club and so since we'd never been there, we decided to check it out. It would have cost 8 dollars to get in originally so we all felt pretty priveleged. I felt like Wayne and Garth from "Wayne's World" when they had their VIP passes. "We're not worthy...we're not worthy..."
It was a pretty nice place. Not too crowded and the people weren't too obnoxious :) I'm actually not used to going to clubs in Montreal but since I went clubbing in Europe quite a bit, I figure that I should check out the Montreal clubs while I'm still here.
Today I went to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to see the permanent collection as well as to see the Riopelle exposition. I hadn't actually been there in a while so it was nice to check it out. I have a members pass so I didn't have to pay to get in and once again I felt priveleged. I should go to Museums more often. I always forget that we have the Fine Arts Museum in Montreal and I rarely go but when I go to other cities I always make sure to check out their museums.
Once I got home I was inspired by the art that I saw so I started painting right away and I got 5 paintings done. I love bursts of creative inspiration. Gotta get back to work, ciao everyone!

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