Watching "Family Guy"
Look out your window and tell me what you see. Yes that's right folks, it's a beautiful day and I'm not staying inside any longer than I have to. I'm planning on going to the gym later on today but I don't know if I'm going to be able to lift any weights. I'm still sore from Monday. I may just end up doing some heavy cardio and not a lot of heavy weight lifting. Wouldn't want my biceps to explode. That would be messy.
I saw "The Iron Giant" with Josh yesterday. He hadn't seen it before (can you believe it???) It was the second time I saw it however I can't seem to get enough of animated movies. Especially good ones like "The Iron Giant", "Toy Story", actually I could go on and on...
Well I'm off to the doctor for a follow up. I think I have to get some more shots - I'm not looking forward to that and when I get home I'm going to clean my porch. It's a nice day so I might as well do some outdoor chores. Cheers!

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