"Inaudible Melodies": Jack Johnson
Been hanging out in Montreal for the past few days. Went out to Sharks yesterday and saw "Spider-man" for the second time with my friend Vince. It's still just as good the second time around. The weather hasn't been very good since being back from Toronto - it's been rainy, dark, and dreary however today the weather is actually pleasant. It's 21 degrees outside and very sunny. I'll probably go out to read or draw on the mountain for a little while. We have got to take advantage of this weather when it happens.
Now like I promised earlier, I'm going to talk a little bit about my road trip to London and Toronto. I ended up going with Josh, and well... two Dan's. I'm not really friends with either Dan however in the end we all ended up having fun. On friday we went to London and stayed at Josh's apartment. Nothing too interesting too mention except that we went out at night to visit the different pubs.
Saturday we slept in and headed to T-Dot yo! In Toronto we met up with Josh's friends from Western University and then we all split up. Josh was going to a Bare Naked Ladies concert with his friends from 4-11pm (long concert, eh?), Dan and Dan went together to go explore Toronto and I met up with Leah - a friend from Mount Allison.
We ended up wandering aimlessly through downtown Toronto. I ended up buying "Shopgirl" by Steve Martin as well as the "Memento: Special Edition" DVD. We had dinner at Mr. Greenjeans (I mean how can you not eat at a place named Mr. Greenjeans?) and then we headed back to her place to chill for a while.
We watched a bit of "Tomb Raider" since she hadn't seen it. It's not a great movie but it's fun to make fun of. It's pretty much a softcore porn action movie for nerdy kids.
It was getting late so I took the Subway back downtown and tried to get in contact with Josh and his buddies. Unfortunately, I ended up losing everyone's cell phone numbers so I felt like I was stranded in Toronto with no way to reach anyone. Well not exactly because I had a walkie talkie and I was able to reach Josh in the end so everything worked out just fine. Later on at night we met up with everyone and went to a restaurant/bar (I can't remember the name) and had a really good drink (I can't remember the name either). The drink was awesome. It was like an alcoholic slushie with peach liqueur, rum, champagne, and sangria. Mmmmmm-mmmmmm good.
After having some drinks and eating some extremely fancy french fries we headed back to one of Josh's friends house.
The next day we spent lounging around in a pool and playing ulitmate frisbee and then we sadly had to head back to Montreal. Our trip was over but we were all a little older, and a little wiser. I will never forget my life changing trip to London and Toronto. I came in there a boy and walked out a man. I - how many cliche's do you think I can come up with? :)
Take care tout le monde!

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