Greg's 2014 End of the Year Reading List

Punchy Holidays!

Books I read in 2014 and would recommend that you do, too!

Blind Spot, Laurence Miall
New Tab, Guillaume Morissette
Peeling Rambutan, Gillian Sze
10:04, Ben Lerner
I Am Here, Ashley Opheim
How to Appear Perfectly Indifferent While Crying on the Inside, Jay Winston Ritchie
Confessions of a Small Press Racketeer, Stuart Ross

Books on my to-read list for 2015!

Us Conductors, Sean Michaels
Signs of Subversive Innocents, Cora Sire
The Uncertainty Principle, Roxanna Bennett
Sun Bear, Matthew Zapruder
Chloes, Dean Garlick

What did you read? What are you looking forward to reading in the new year? Leave your suggestions in the comments section.

Thanks and Happy New Year, my friends!


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