It's not
a comfortable

I need to know your story.

What unites
is stronger than
what divides us.

We are all.

We need to understand.
It's hard.
Build a solid identity.

Two nations in one.

It was the authorities.
I am.
We are all.

Source: Montgomery, Sue. "Love Beyond the Scars" from The Montreal Gazette. 1st April, 2014: A2 section. Online version here.
Method: Quote Cento. Create a cento using only quotes referenced in newspaper articles. Read more "quote centos" here.


Elizabeth said...

I really like this one!

S.E.Ingraham said...

Greg - this is delightful. The drawing enhances the whole thing. Well done.


Blanca Cervi said...

I love the sketch! It is simple, effective and quite brilliant!

Nancy Chen Long said...

The image fits beautifully! Love this line "I need to know your story" and the last stanza.