Roundup of Print Stuff

1) After living in New Haven, Connecticut for the past six years, it was time to move my family back to Canada. I really loved my time in the "Elm City" and so I was pretty tickled to find out I was being published in the most recent issue of The New Haven Review.

The print edition of the journal is quite lovely, but it's nice that they also make it available to peruse online. 

You can check out a PDF of my poem "Flickering into Oblivion" HERE. Please check out the entire issue of the New Haven Review #10 HERE.

2) I love Feathertale. They were one of the first publications to have supported me and published my work. I also dig the fact that they are unabashedly a humour magazine and have been publishing poetry, fiction, and cartoons in both print and online forms since 2006. 

While they've been at this for a while, this year they decided to publish their first book, the very lengthily titled Feathertale's Big Book of Exquisitely Egregious Poetry and Diverse Versification and So Forth and Such. Phew. 

Anyway, it's a collection of  poetry selected from Feathertale's first five years and I have three poems in there. Huzzah! Including my pseudo-sonnet featuring celebutantes extraordinaires Paris Hilton, Tara Reid, and Lindsay Lohan, which you can read from Feathertale's vastly hilarious archives HERE. You can also check out some other pieces that they've published by me HERE.

Also, I'm pretty thrilled that my very good buddy and all around rad guy that I've known since high-school, fellow writer, Joshua Levy, also has poems in this collection. Yesssss!

Okay, that's all for now. A big thank you to the editors from The New Haven Review and The Feathertale Review for believing in little old me and my words.


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