I was lucky to have my debut poetry collection published a couple of years ago. Thanks to LPG (Literary Press Group of Canada) it was distributed around bookstores and libraries throughout Canada, as well as internationally through online booksellers and other mediums.

On June 4, 2012 it was announced that the Department of Canadian Heritage has ended its financial support of LPG's activities for the fiscal year that began this past April, essentially starting the process of shutting down the sales force for my publisher and a large majority of independent Canadian publishers throughout the country.

While, of course, books will continue to be published, this will certainly make it much more difficult for publishers around the country to distribute and market new titles to you readers out there. First it was cuts to the CBC and the National Film Board. Now this. Ugh. This is sad and unsettling news for those of us who create, love, and support Canadian literature.

If you want to help and have a Conservative MP in your region or your riding, please consider sending them a note telling them what this decision means to you.

To learn more about this situation, please click HERE and HERE.

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