Haters Wanna Be Me Remix

Okay, so this music video by the rapper Krispy Kreme is ridiculously awesome. I can't tell if this kid is serious or if he's parodying "thug life." Either way, he's a lyrical genius. He makes me wanna write more poetry.

Below is a "poetry remix" I wrote using the lyrics to his song. I did not add any words of my own (except for the title), and only used words found in Kreme's song.

Bravado or Watch Your Back, Chuck Norris

I killed
a great white shark
with my fist

I killed
an anaconda snake
500 times

I knocked out
1 million

I swallowed
a fireball
I ripped out his heart

from Krispy Kreme's “Haters Wanna Be Me” remixed by Greg Santos 

Word life!


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