IRL Poetry Tour Photos and Poetry by Emily Dickinson

1) If you haven't seen them, HERE are some photos from the IRL Poetry Tour kickoff that happened on August 6th that featured myself, Steve Roggenbuck, Poncho Peligroso, Mike Bushnell, Guillaume Morrissette, and a whole slew of awesome poets. Thanks to the peeps at We Who Are About To Die for the coverage. If you click through them you can see my plaiderrific self (I think Poncho and I shop at the same plaid store...) as well as a nice shot of The Emperor's Sofa.

2) Speaking of Roggenbuck, Steve-o has launched his Poetry by Emily Dickinson website. Please check it out HERE.

I submitted some tweets a few months back and they've been remixed into a collaborative poem titled "Tonight We Dine On Salad". Please check it out HERE.

Interested in participating? Here's some more info:

Today is the launch of the website Poetry by Emily Dickinson, a collaborative project to steal Google traffic from a dead writer & redirect it to living writers collaborating online. You can participate in 3 ways:

1. Tweet lines of poetry including the tag “#poetrybyemilydickinson.”

2. Remix/combine people’s tweets into longer texts and submit them to poetrybyemilydickinson.com/submit

3. Link the phrase “poetry by emily dickinson” to this website, poetrybyemilydickinson.com, so it gradually rises in search results.

You can also follow Poetry by Emily Dickinson on Twitter. Thank you very much. Get in my <3.

(Source: livemylief)

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