Wednesday Roundup of Stuff

1) Branch Magazine 6: Private Parts is now online. Sexay! It includes a whole slew of amazing Canadian writers and artists. I was particularly excited to check out the interview and work by featured writer, Mary di Michele. I was in the same undergrad class with di Michelle that Gillian mentions in the interview. Please check it out.

2) I finished reading The Simpsons-themed Hi Everybody by Alexander Allison over at Pangur Ban Party. Sooooo good. I'm kinda jealous he wrote this first. I've been trying to come up with some Simpsons writing but he beat me to the punch. Well played, sir.

3) A couple of my poems are gonna be published in Issue 2 of the Black Tongue Review (they were originally called Air Poetry Magazine) based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan. They're a rad outfit: visual artists from around the world are asked to interpret poems to create a collaboration of epic proportions. I'm looking forward to seeing what the artist who's paired up with me comes up with. Oh, and 100% of the proceeds for each issue will sponsor a charity or a cause. Yay! OK, so keep your eyes peeled for BTR come September 24th.

4) Internet poetry superstars Steve Roggenbuck and the self-professed 2011 poet laureate Poncho Peligroso are stepping out of their computers and coming to an east coast town near you this upcoming August. I've been following both their work online and they are machines. Self-propelled poetry lovin' machines. Their work is polarizing but I would argue brilliant, and I am excited about the prospect of meeting them, hopefully when they make their way to New York this summer. Both gentlemen are coming out with new books, the bombastically titled i greet myself at the beginning of a great career (Steve Roggenbuck) and 'the romantic' (Poncho Peligroso). Put your stock in Roggenbuck and from head to toe vote Peligroso!

For more info about Peligroso, Roggenbuck, and their upcoming tour, please check out this post by Beach Sloth HERE.

Dank yoo veddy much.



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Beach Sloth said...

This is excellent. Thank you for including me in your roundup.

Gillian said...

Hey Greg! Thanks for giving a shout-out to Branch. x

steve roggenbuck said...

awesome greg, i can't thank you enough for your kind coverage. i would love to meet you in NYC!