The Emperor's Sofa in Berlin Roundup

On June 4th, 2011, me and six other poets/editors affiliated with the Paris-based journal Upstairs at Duroc were invited to read in Berlin by Berlin's English literary journal, SAND. We started off the afternoon with an arts fair held at Etsy Labs.

Ssshhhhh. Don't disturb him. He' s reading my book...

That evening we made our way to our reading at Cafe Bohemie where I got to try a mean plate of spaetzle. Here are some Paris poets' poetry swag sexily draped over a piano. Purrrr...

The crowd being warmed up by Becky Crook, editor of SAND.

Me. Reading from The Emperor's Sofa. The other featured readers were Barbara Beck, Jonathan Wonham, Nina Karacosta, Joe Ross, and Rufo Quintavalle.

A big thank you to the peeps at SAND for their warmth and hospitality, and for everyone who made it out to hear us read. It was wunderbar!

Stay tuned for info about my forthcoming reading in London, England on June 22nd.



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