Sound Machine

I lie on our bed,
A buoy atop tranquil waters.
You are downstairs
Preparing the baby's food.
The hum of the microwave,
A distant motorboat.
I flow in and out of sleep,
Waking to the sound of
You in the kitchen;
The clink of a spoon
Navigating a glass,
The syncopation of drawers
Opening and closing.
Our child is asleep
Like driftwood.
Pillows propped around her,
Preventing her tiny frame
From drifting out to sea
On a wayward tide.

Greg Santos
Paris, France
May 23, 2011

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Josh Levy said...

Nice! Beautiful imagery that makes this mundane, half awake moment feel like a mystic fantasy world.

A lot of the imagery about the water, sleeping, and particularly the driftwood and buoys are similar to these: