Well, kind of.

Haven’t gotten your hands on a copy of my book, THE EMPEROR’S SOFA, yet? For shame! I kid, I kid. I kid because I love. Here’s your chance to read some of the poems included in my debut poetry collection FOR FREE.

What’s the catch, buddy, you ask? No catch. Many of my poems originally appeared online. So, I've decided to compile the original pieces into one handy list for you to peruse at your own leisure.

Here, some of the poems are in slightly different forms from what you find in the final version of THE EMPEROR'S SOFA and they are also in no particular order.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, consider this somewhat of a sneak peek to whet your appetite for the real deal.

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Thanx and happy reading!



Road Trip and Hulk Smash! (from Nthposition)

All Hotel Rooms Are Alike; To the Land of Wind and Ghosts; Thank You; My Mind is the Only Thing That I Know Exists; My Mecha Squirrel Runs on Batteries, Not Acorns; Employees Must Always Wash Their Hands Thoroughly Before Serving the Customer; and Stop and Shop (from the 2009 Pangur Ban Party e-book Thinking Things Through)

Out of the Blue (from ditch,)

Henri Rousseau’s Le Rêve (YouTube)

A Love Poem for Shelley by Hulk (from This Zine Will Change Your Life)

unhipsterish earnestness (from The Brandi Wells Review)

Autopilot (from The Brandi Wells Review)

Suddenly (from The Brandi Wells Review)

Showbiz (from The Feathertale Review)

Marine Biology (from Six Sentences)

The Place Within (from Six Sentences)

Best Friends Forever (from Six Sentences)

The Emperor’s Insomnia (from Six Sentences)

Stairway and The Train Was a Carnival of Lost Souls (from Gloom Cupboard)

Amnesiac (from My Name is Mud)

Honey, the Appliances Are Singing Again (from Spilt Milk)

Things are finally starting to look up and Man and Dog (from pax americana)

Oh, Canada and I Am His Majesty’s Most Trusted Servant (from O Sweet Flowery Roses)

From the Desk of Mr. Khan (YouTube)

Epidemic Warning Signs (from For Every Year)

The Emperor in a State of Existential Crisis (from A Handful of Stones)

I Am Okay (from Word Riot)

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