Reader Beware

The speaker in the poem
starts off somewhere ordinary.
Let's say at the kitchen table
drinking Earl Grey tea.
You think you know where they are
but then suddenly you end up alone
on a luminous moonscape.
Where has the speaker gone?
You've made a quantum leap
and don't know how you got there.
To the untrained eye
your outward appearance hasn't changed
but the energy inside you is fundamentally different.
There is magic sprinkled within.
Look around you; all has changed.
The air is thinner and the landscape bumpier.
You experience some kind of emotion
and it is inexplicably sad.
No. Sad is the wrong word.
It is a feeling that goes deeper than that.
It is a feeling that has no name.
But it is deep and real.

Greg Santos
Paris, France
February 16, 2011

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