Letter from a Father to his Child

I watch you asleep in your crib.
My heart, a pulsar emitting beams of light.
Like hummingbirds your eyelids flicker,
Here I am wishing I were a net.

When I am away from you
My heart calls out a plaintive whale song.
I must admit, I find this startling
when I am showering or on the computer.

I wrestle with the knowledge
I cannot hold you as I did the day before.
I must constantly train to be The Man of A Thousand Holds,
A fact your teddy bear, my sparring partner, knows all too well.

I want to capture your coos and goos in Tupperware for a rainy day.
I look forward to your first swear word and your mother blaming me,
And teaching you the difference between Patty and Selma on The Simpsons.
I wonder how I'll react to the first date you bring to our front door.

They say you cannot hold onto a snowflake,
But if Pepsi can create a clear cola, impossible is just a word.

Greg Santos
Paris, France
November 13, 2010

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