Welcome, Rosemary Kathryn Santos!

My daughter, Rosemary Kathryn Santos, 6 lbs 4 oz, born in New Haven, CT on August 11, 2010 at 11:03pm.



Carol said...

Congratulations! How does it feel?

Mel Bosworth said...

holy bejesus! huge congrats, greg. huge.

ana c. said...

congrats :D !

DJ Berndt said...

Congratulations, Greg. That's fantastic.

Greg Santos said...

Thanks, gang!

Carol - being a father is unlike anything I've ever felt before. Hard to put into words. But if I could try, I'd say, terrifying, beautiful, normal as if it's what I've done all my life, exhilarating, and exhausting; all at the same time. Good luck with your impending motherhood!!!