The Mysterious Dr. Ramsey

I have a story in The Mysterious Dr. Ramsey, a new short story collection from the brilliant minds at Six Sentences.

Here's a book description:

Who is "The Mysterious Dr. Ramsey?" Well, there's only one way to find out! Enter the imaginative world of "Six Sentences!" This fabulous collection features stories - all aimed to reveal "The Mysterious Dr. Ramsey" - by some of 6S's most loved writers, including Diane Brady, Michael D. Brown, Sal Buttaci, Jeanette Cheezum, Ian Chung, Bob Clay, Teresa Cortez, Jared Culpepper, Michelle Davis, Paul de Denus, Rod Drake, Nicole Hirschi, Grey Johnson, Doug McIntire, JM Prescott, Harry B. Sanderford, Gita Smith, Sondra Sula, Steve Talbert, and Rachel Green, who wrote the prizewinning entry. Many other talented writers are included. Add this gem to your 6S collection!

Find out who The Mysterious Dr. Ramsey is for yourself by ordering a copy of the book from Amazon here.

That makes three 6S books I've been published in this year: Six Sentences, Volume 3, The Green Bike Stories, and now The Mysterious Dr. Ramsey. Yay!

Thank you, Rob McEvily.

Also, Happy Canada Day!


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