Monday Roundup of Stuff

1) Issue 2 of Branch Magazine (run by the very talented duo, Gillian Sze and Roberutsu) is now online. Please check it out here.

If you haven't read it yet, please check out my poem "My Beloved" from the inaugural issue of Branch here.

2) Speaking of Gillian Sze, she has been named one of the "Top Five Emerging Writers Under 40" by the Austin, Texas based, Black Heart Magazine. Congrats, Gillian!

3) Ben Mirov is interviewed by Luke Degnan and reads ten poems from Ghost Machine for BOMB Magazine's Phoned-In series here.

4) Ben has kindly posted some poems that never made the final cut for Ghost Machine on his blog.

5) David Lehman wrote a poem ("The Road to Help") which consisted mostly of lines lifted from other sources but with letters changed in each lifted line, coming up with verses like "A thong of beauty is a joy forever." I came up with "I saw the best rinds of my generation destroyed by badness." (Thank you, Ginsberg.) Can you take up Lehman's challenge and write your own?




Laura Roberts said...

I would add you to my list of awesome writers under 40, Greg. You rock!

Greg Santos said...

Thanks, Laura!