Ticker Text Project

Poetry and the stock market make for strange bedfellows but a cool new project will attempt to mix the unlikely pair together.

Jason Camlot, the curator of The Ticker Text Project, will be collecting poems and streaming them alongside actual stock quotes on the LED Stock Ticker located in the John Molson School of Business. This "ticker text" poetry will be taking over the stock ticker for the duration of Congress 2010, a huge conference taking place at Concordia University in Montreal (my alma mater and hometown!) from May 28 - June 4, 2010.

You can't just submit anything, though, as there are a few formal constraints: the poems must be 140 characters or less, and the entry should contain a mixture of numbers and letters.

I submitted something and you can view my contribution on the barebones interface of the Ticker Text Project right now. Please check it out. You should also submit, too.

The Ticker Text Project Website http://tickertext.concordia.ca/

More about the project here.

Read an article about it here.

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