Fat Tuesday Roundup of Stuff

1) Poems About Expiring is expiring in two days. Read my Wallace Stevens inspired poem "Let be be finale of seem", along with 35 other poems before they disappear into oblivion.

2) The February issue of Word Riot is up. Yay!

3) The first edition of Rejection Digest is online. It is run by Crispin Best and Socrates Adams-Florou. I am loving the story "A Poet's Dilemma" by Neil Griffin.

Best and Adams-Florou will read and possibly publish works that have been rejected by other journals. Send in your rejects people!

Check out Rejection Digest here.

4) Speaking of Socrates Adams-Florou, he has story up on Pangur Ban Party. Please check out "Outside" here.

It's a snowy one out there today. Stay safe and dry.


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Socrates Adams-Florou said...

thanks for all the kind words.