Word of Mouth - Tonight 21/1/2010

Check this reading out if you're in the Elm City tonight. I just might do a little reading at the open mic, too.


Word of Mouth Reading Series and open mic, featuring Elizabeth Marie Young
Tonight: Thursday, January 21, 2010
Hosted by the Institute Library, 847 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT
Doors open at 6:30, open mic at 7:30

Elizabeth Marie Young is the author of a Motherwell Prize winning volume of poetry, Aim Straight at the Fountain and Press Vaporize. She lived in New York for many years where she helped edit the poetry Project Newsletter. She also played music in severeal experimental noise bands, DJ'd at WKCR-FM, taught high school. In 2004, she curated Cabinet of the Muses, a Bay-Area inter-arts poetry festival. Liz currently teaches Latin, ancient Greek, and English poetry at Wellesley College.

Young's work has been described as "hilariously erudite prose poems [that] are cosmologies-miniature, ever-expanding universes . . . interactive environments, kaleidoscopic and incorrigibly changeable, in which competing impulses toward cerebral austerity and luxuriant beauty battle it out. She says that she "writes in the infidel hope that writing itself can create worlds."

For more information, please contact allwordofmouth@gmail.com

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