New Year's Roundup of Stuff

1) Did you see my fictionalized account of Leonardo da Vinci's death in For Every Year? Please check it out here.

2) Ben Mirov is da man! New Michigan Press has just released Mirov's chapbook, I is to Vorticism. It was the 2009 NMP/DIAGRAM chapbook contest winner. You can buy it from Amazon here. Or order yourself a copy from Mirov's blog and he will sign it for you.

3) Maggy Poetry Magazine is officially out and the roster of poets is very impressive. It features works by John Ashbery, Mark Strand, Ben Mirov, Fanny Howe, Alice Notley, Dara Weir, Matthew Zapruder, Mark Bibbins, Rob Padgett, Matthew Rohrer, Bianca Stone, and much much more. The exciting and talent poet, Alina Gregorian is one of the mag's editors.

Order yourself a copy online now! In the meantime, please check out a teaser video for Maggy #1 here.

4) The new edition of This Zine Will Change Your Life features two poems by Corey Mesler. Please check it out here. While you're reading the poems, be sure to listen to the Railcars rad cover of Dreams by The Cranberries.

Happy Twenty Ten,



Ben Tanzer said...

Hey man, thanks so much for the This Zine Will Change Your Life shout-out, it does a body good.

Alina Gregorian said...

Hey thanks, Greg! I am glad you got to see the promo vid. A little shout-out to Lady Gaga, too!