Moondoggy Recommends: I Is To Vorticism by Ben Mirov

I have finished reading Ben Mirov’s book I Is To Vorticism.

I henceforth promise to re-read I Is To Vorticism. I encourage you to do so, too.

Oh, and you do not need to know about the Vorticism art movement to enjoy I Is To Vorticism.

Ben Mirov appears as a frequent character in I Is To Vorticism. This speaker plays emotional bumper cars with your thoughts and emotions.

Ben Mirov goes from wry and hilarious in one line to earnest and tragic in the next. Or from intimate and self-effacing to brash and mischievous. Bold associative leaps and vivid images are also hallmarks of these fine poems.

After reading I Is To Vorticism, I feel like I have been given access to the magical labyrinthine head of Ben Mirov. The universe in his head reminds me of the movie, Pan’s Labyrinth. This universe is both enchanting and haunting.

Thank you, Ben Mirov. Thank you for giving us access to your brain. It is a fine-looking brain.

Here is a small sampling of some of my favorite lines from I Is To Vorticism:

“I stare out of my window with a flashlight behind each eye.”
from The Braille Of Evenings Is Written In Poem

“Smell her ear, part of a star
that exploded when you were negative
10,000 years old. It smells like vanilla.
In a few hours she is gone.
In four years, even goner”
from Hider Roser

“I love my fucking life.
Even my secrets
and the terrible things I’ve done.
They’re like small smooth stones
in a green plastic bottle
with no label.”
from Monkey Heart

“I look into the aquarium. My Ben Mirov looks ok. I feed him tasteless whole-grains and leafy greens like the manual tells me. He types like two hours a day. He looks pretty good.”
from Lifetime Achievement

“Now open your eyes.
Not those eyes.
The ones inside you.”
from Candles

“You feel like a scorpion
beautiful, deadly
made of black glass.”
from Symptoms

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